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Q: Why Are People Running SETI@Home And Searching For Extraterrestrials ?

A: Here Are Thousands Of Answers...

Part 2 of 7

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Because I beleive SETI is a worthwhile project.

Because I beleive in the SETI Program :)

Because I beleive.

Because I believe and would like to find proof for myself.

Because I believe in ET.

UFOs and Aliens

Because I believe in extraterrestrial (but bacterial) life.

Because I believe in the research.

Because I believe in this project.

Because I believe in this research, and it's easy to be of assistance.

Because I believe it's just a matter of time.

Because I believe on extraterrestrial life and I think this is the least I can do to help to find it.

Because I believe something's out there.

Because I believe there is other life out there, whether it is for the good of humanity or not.

Because I believe we ARE NOT alone. If we were, it would be such a terrible waste of space!

Because I believe we are not alone and we should say HI.

Because I believe!

Because I can.

Because I can and I believe SETI to be important.

Because I can help. I am interested in any scientific endeavour such as SETI@Home.

Because I can particip a great scientific project!

Because I can!! Although the signal from ET may not be detected in my lifetime, my kids and grandkids can say "My father" or "My grandfather" was on the SETI team that looked and/or listened for ET for many years.

Because I can, and why not?

Because I can.

Because I don't want to be alone in all this space...

Because I dont believe that a superior intelligence would use the same level of technology as us, so we are looking for "smoke signals from the space", so my help can end this steril effort quickly.

Because I find the project interesting.

Because I firmly believe we are not alone in the universe and you will need all our help to find others. I also think it is a fabulous way to get large computing power.

Because I have to know.

Because I know the truth, and now what I want are the answers.

Because I know we are not alone in the universe...

Because I know: I WILL FIND THEM !!!

Because I like my brother, Dan, a lot.

Because I like the idea of contributing to this search by using my otherwise wasted resources

Because I must. Because I believe in SETI. Because I hope to be alive when we make First Contact.

Because I personally would like to know the answer to the question, "is there anything out there?" And I would like to know the out come if the answer is yes.

Because I think it is a neat thing to do.

Because I think it is an interseting topic.

Because I think that human being goes to a major Brain evolution and , if we contact with them, all of us need to be prepare for the time of that contact. I am a Neurosurgeon and I want to know if they have more advanced knowledge in neuroscience field that they could give to all humanity, through all of us that could understand it better.

Because I think that we are not alone in the universe.

Because I think the project is interesting.

Because I think this idea is totally awesome!

Because I think we(that I mean habitant on the earth) have to cooperate with this SETI project.

Because I thought it was a great experiment; to use the wide-flung resources of like-minded people all over the world is brilliant, I wanted to be a part of that!

Because I wan't to know.

Because I want to *Know*

Because I want to contribute.

Because I want to find an alien signall.

Because I want to help.

Because I want to know.

Because I want to know if the is other life out there.

Because I want to know if there is a ET.

Because I want to know if we are really alone in the universe.

Because I want to know what is out there, the search for the unknown intrigues me.

Because I want to know.

Because I want to play a small part in the Seti program.

Because I want to see if you can find us....

Because I want to.

Because I would like to prove,that we are not the only intelligent beings.

Because I'm Ken Valyi.

Because I'm Toasty. And there is life out there. And we need to find it, for the greater good.

Because I'm just sure I was orphaned on Earth!!

Because I'm sure we're not the only ones, and will like to help finding the answer to our questions.

Because It;s Interesting.

Because J.R."Bob"Dobbs told me to.

Because Jodie Foster has a REALLY great ass!

Because SETI is important and I wanted to help in someway

Because SETI is incredibly important.

Because SETI is just that PHAT

Because THEY told me to!!!!

Because distributed computing is the beginning of an evolution toward what the internet was meant for

Because finding ET is cool (for the good of humanity ... nah!)

Because he is . . . out there.

Because i Just like it :)

Because i am a scientist and this is a worthy project. I believe there are many forms of life out there.I have left a couple of questions blank...are "aliens" friendly? well probably and probably not depends on which ones...when will we detect? very good question....that is another reason I am helping. maybe by finding other life we will cherish the life all around us!

Because i am thy god

Because i beleive there is life out there, and my computers may as well help look for them when i'm not using them

Because i believe in it!!

Because i believe there more than just us.

Because i'm a science fiction fan, and I believe in alien civilizations.

Because if you don't look for something you will never find it and the more who look the better your chances.

Because in high school I was voted most likely to build my own spacecraft and abandon the planet Earth.

Because interested people, not the government, should be involved in the search.

Because is funny!!!

Because it (ETI) is there.

Because it has to be done

Because it is FUN!

Because it is a hype

Because it is a move away from "Big Science"

Because it is a neat idea.

Because it is a project that fascinates me; finding is not so great and seeking

Because it is an exciting project that I want to be part of

Because it is an interesting project and want to participate in it.

Because it is an interesting project worth supporting.

Because it is freaking cool!

Because it is interesting and I believe that there are other lifeforms that must have evolved spontaneously

Because it is interesting and fun to do.

Because it is worthwhile

Because it keeps my computer busy while I am not playing Quake III

Because it must be done. If only as pure research.

Because it provokes my imagination

Because it seems cool

Because it would be interesting if i did.

Because it's COOL

Because it's a big universe and it will take a lot of people looking to find something

Because it's a cool idea

Because it's a good initiative

Because it's an interesting project, which appeals to me

Because it's an interesting scientific question; it's nifty to be able to help.

Because it's available!

Because it's cool

Because it's cool to be a part of something big like this

Because it's cool!

Because it's exciting to explore the unknown!

Because it's exciting!

Because it's fun

Because it's fun and it doesn't involve a government

Because it's fun in an odd way

Because it's fun to help out

Because it's here... and the idea of massively distributed computing appeals to me

Because it's interesting

Because it's interesting and it uses my computer productively when I leave it idle

Because it's interesting and kinda cool to watch

Because it's neat

Because it's non-governmental

Because it's scientific research....And it makes me feel useful

Because it's the right thing to do.

Because it's there

Because it's there.

Because its such a good idea to use idle computer time for scientific research

Because its the right thing to do, and the government does not seem to want to fund this research.

Because learning and finding the more about the world around us is the only way i think we have to think about life. We need a reason to live (? well.. as a whole.. we WANT to live). So the reason to live, is.. life.. So how do we live? I think it's by finding the more that we can about the world that surronds us, including possible ET intelligence or stupidity.

Because life in space (human or not) is the next great adventure and this is a way for me to have a small part.

Because life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.

Because my astronomer friend asked me to

Because my friends do it too :)

Because my girlfriend thinks it's dumb.

Because my mother is an alien so i am half alien and we want to find our people

Because of interest in SETI

Because of my interest in the subject

Because of the chance there is someone else out there

Because of the great idea of using the Internet for scientific research - and to find E.T. of course!

Because of the ramifications

Because only the future can save us from our past. And because my true dream is to once travel to outer space. If I cannot travel there, why not bring outer space to me?

Because seti@home is a perfect exampel of what people can do together far better then what we can do alone.

Because some people need to know

Because the Government won't do its job this important research.

Because the Government, and many American's tend to forget that the world as we know it was discovered and developed because people took chances and believed in what they could not yet see!

Because the SETI idea is great fun

Because the SETI@home screen saver is an awsome idea and I wanted to see it work.

Because the Search must be made, and this is an excellent idea for saving government funding that can be used to gain more data.

Because the USA should stop thinking that they are the best and the greatest, people from europe could also find some ET

Because the answer is "42" but what is the question?

Because the even arrogance of mankind is not enough to fill the void of space, and it`s got to be worth it , just for the tiniest chance of maybe , just maybe, getting it on with an alien chick ! ;] ( all hail Captain Kirk ) - P.S. it`s not just the US government that should be funding the research !

Because the government will not provide adequate funding

Because the human mind needs to know if we are alone or not, so that society can progress after we debunk so many relegious and psychological un-truths.

Because the idea is far more interesting than some boring "crack the million-bit encryption" ;)

Because the project is a good idea

Because the space program needs the support + curiosity...

Because the truth is out there.

Because the truth is out there.... ;-)

Because the way we're running things at the momment we could use a little help...which may be why they're staying away........hmmmmm...

Because the whole Universe and the search for ETI just fascinates me - therefore, this program lets us "every day folk" participate in something most of us would only ever dream about doing.

Because the whole concept fascinates me!! Keeps my mind working as well as my computer!

Because the whole thing is just so fascinating!

Because the whole thing is so very cool

Because there's no NEO@Home. If they do one, I'd rather help them!!! Hehehe. Until then, let's look for little green men.

Because they are out there, listening, watching.

Because they're out there and I'd love to meet them

Because this is a really cool project to help out with!

Because this is probably as close as I'll ever get to space.

Because this is the greatest use of the internet I have seen to date and to give support to the SETI program

Because we are not alone, but to show that radio signals are a neive human way to try and detect life.

Because we can, we must try. Yes?

Because we have a right to know.

Because we have to.

Because we might become famous if it's our PC that discovers aliens.

Because we need help, if we want to make the next step in our evolution, which is exploring the outer limits of space.

Because we need know

Because we need to know. It's that simple. Good work, people!

Because we want to know we are not alone in the cosmos.

Because you are a underfunded organisation conducting what would be the most important discovery of all time and I can now do my little bit to help

Because you just never know.

Because you never know what's out there!

Because you never know.

Because, I can do it.

Because, as a human, I feel extremely lonely in this universe; and I feel it will better aid us through our "technological adolecence" if we were to make contact with other intelligent lifeforms.

Because, as a scientist pooled resources make sense.

Because, when people see it running on my computer they think I'm cool.


Becouse of good humanity and keep my computer productive, also for my research becouse I have learned some new things

Becuase I am a Star Wars, Star Trek junkie, and this is as close as I can get to being part of something really cool. I'm also very interested in distributive computing, but thats another story.

Becuase it's fun!!!!

Beeing somebody in the biggest research. Only to help a snall peace.

Been on the way for humans to get a brand new sigth of themselves.

Before I die, my wish is for there to be either contact with an ET, or factual evidence of some form of life beyond Earth.

Before Viet Nam, I was an Astronomy Major with AstroPhysics minor. Never got to finish. I now run a datacenter for Lockheed Martin corp. Just trying to get a small piece of my dream.

Being a part of a new Idea, finding ET, also keeping my computers busy

Being a part of something bigger than myself.

Being a researcher I feel that it is important research

Being a tiny part of scientific research

Being famous would not be too bad either!

Being involved in an interesting scientific experiment (ET and parallel computing).

Being one in trying to make governments realise that they should fund this research more.

Being part of a global community (and the fame if I find ET :-) )

Being part of a ground-breaking form of experiment with people all over the planet

Being part of a strange and interesting group. Don' t think we'll never discover ET unless they discover us.

Being part of first internet Super Computer (what a concept?)

Being part of something big (and interesting)

Being part of something large and constructive.

Being part of such a massive distributive computing effort is really neato.

Being part of such a massive, worldwide undertaking, with millions of other people! Incredible!

Belief that it is pure arrogance to say we are the only beings in the universe. If the universe is so immense the human mind can't comprehend the size how can one say for sure that no other beings exist!

Believe in SETI Program and just my way to support 2 system's here running

Believe in the project and satisfies my childhood dream of being an astronomer.

Believer of all good causes

Benchmark my computer to friends

Benchmark my systems using various configurations & cpus


Benchmarking my Computers

Benchmarking of my G3 vs Pentiums :-)

Benefit of mankind

Besides discovery for the good of humanity, I think the work seti does will tremendously benefit the astonomical community both ameture and professional.

Best damn screensaver that actually DOES something cool...

Best distributed computing project around

Best screensaver I could Find

Best to know something about a stranger you'll possibly meet before you meet them.

Best use for the Internet and listen to our space neighbours.

Better thand doing nothing all night long

Better to find them before they find us.

Betting on an insignificantly small probablity in the name of scientific quest.

Bit of both of find ET for the good of humanity and Keep my computer productive

Bit of fun

Book/movie Contact


Boronia Peak Holiday Village in The Grampians AU 0353564500

Both 1 and 3

Both 1,3 and 4 apply

Both Find ET for the good of humanity and screensaver

Both altruism and possible famosity

Both for the good of humanity and for keeping my computer productive

Both for the good of humanity and to keep my computers productive

Both one and three... in addition, the colors are pretty

Both societies would benefit in many ways.

Both the project Ideal and the distributed computing

Both to check the system speed and to help researching

Both to find ET as well as use computer for something other than games!

Both to find ET for the good of humanity and keep it productive

Both to find and put it to good use

Both to keep computer productive & find ET for humanity

Bragging rights with friends

Brcause if somthing is found it would prove that we are not allone and I would like to be a pard of that.

Brilliant way to use computers of the world for a common goal

Brilliant way to utilize personal computers!

Bring together computer resources of the whole world to find Exta-Terrestrial Intelligence. The whole world working as one united entity.

By providing popular support which can be displayed to the government, hopefully I can help keep research scientists like SETI funded, which, in addition to having an interesting goal, will probably spin off new technologies for the rest of society.

By some lucky fate that we should finally prove to the people we are not alone and the goverment will be forced to respond about what they do know on this subject matter.


Call it doing my bit towards research

Call mothership. Go home.

Can we as a Planet afford not to????

Can't get date on Earth. Also, we may pick up an ET modem tone - maybe we can LOG IN!

Can't get laid with human females, hopefully I'll be lucky elsewhere

Carl Sagan Fan; Cosmos fan; Contact fan; amateur sky watcher; dreamer

Carl Sagan in Memoriam - Spreading his wisdom

Cause I like all the purty colors.

Cause They ARE out there!!! We Just Need to Search for 'em!!!

Cause i have always been interested in the unknown

Cause if there were alien life and it were to be found, that would be stellar.

Cause it's a good thing to do and uses my puter in a productive manner.

Cause we are not alone

Chance of a new astronomical discovery. Remember the discovery of pulsars? LGM1, 2, etc. Hope you detect a brown dwarf, neutron star or black hole near enough to earth so a probe can be sent. My feeling is there are many nearer than Proxima Centuri. Keep up the good work!

Chance to do some real science on my own

Chance to help with "real science"

Chercher des réponses

Chicks dig aliens

Chicks dig it.

Chicks dig science geeks

Childhood dream

Civic contrubution of unused resources

Claim them as MY colony & subjects.

Cobination of choice 1 & 3

Cointribute to the effort to prove searching for radio signals is futile

Colaborar em um projeto de computação em nivel mundial, ajudar a busca por ET , contribuir com a ciencia e a humanidade,e tambem por ser divertido e util .

Colaborate with SETI institute

Collaborate in a serious, high scale distributed computer task

Collaborate with a scientific project

Collaborating in a technical and scientific proyect and finding ET intelligence

Collaborating in this project

Combination of above

Combination of above.

Combination of above:25%, 5%, 65%, 5%

Combination of being able to use my computer for something useful, contributing to humanity's scientific knowledge, and I get to help out SETI, which I've been interested in since I found out about it 12 years ago (or so).

Combination of intrigue, education and computer productivity

Commemorate Giordano Bruno's execution 400 years ago

Community Service-- pick up for funding loss

Compare the true raw speeds of the CPUs I use and have.

Compensate for lack of government funding and interest

Compepition with my dad!!

Compete (CPU power) against other users

Compete with my friends to show that my iMac is faster than their Wintel stuff

Competition To See Who Has The Best PC, To Help You Guys :-)

Competition at work to see who can process most packets.

Competition at work.

Competition between co-workers

Competition with friend

Competition with my friend

Competitions with friends,

Competitions with friends, interesting.

Computer Productive and to help

Computer productive for a good cause.

Computer runs anyway :=)

Computer's on anyway. Productive or not, it's no loss.

Computers are meant to be used. You can borrow mine!

Concept of distributed computing is very exciting!

Confirm ET for those who do not believe already

Confirm my belief.

Confirm my beliefs

Confirm the fact even though the chance that a civilization exist in radio range from earth in our time is minimal.

Connect with other life for good of universe

Connecting our Internet with that of the ET makes english no longer the dominant language. We will need a neutral and easy language like Esperanto.

Contact with ET would be the most important discovery in human history

Contacting ET during my life

Continuous awareness of the world beyond our world

Contribute any way I can to Help SETI

Contribute computer time for research

Contribute computer time to asist SETI efforts.

Contribute in a very important science project

Contribute in some small way to a worthy endeavor

Contribute in some way to an eventual contact.

Contribute my time to the data analysis.

Contribute those idle CPU cycles to a worthwhile project

Contribute to Scientific Research

Contribute to a distributed computing project

Contribute to a fascinating scientific experiment

Contribute to a fascinating, important project which just might be independant of big brother.

Contribute to a good scientific project

Contribute to a project where people work together for increased knowledge.

Contribute to a scientific effort

Contribute to a scientific endeavour

Contribute to a scientific research, no matter how small the contribution.

Contribute to a valid scientific goal

Contribute to a worthwhile project and team

Contribute to a worthwile computer collaboration project

Contribute to basic science research.

Contribute to developing global parralel processing

Contribute to finding the future of the human race

Contribute to greater good.

Contribute to meaningingful or statistical research that comes with the rise of the internet

Contribute to new knowledge about our environment/universe

Contribute to our understanding of space

Contribute to research

Contribute to scientific knowledge

Contribute to scientific knowledge (personal satisfaction)

Contribute to scientific research and not waste spare CPU cycles.

Contribute to scientific research in a nearly free and very easy way.

Contribute to significant scientific inquiry

Contribute to the biggest distributed project on the planet

Contribute to the common good of knoledge...

Contribute to the investigation of world-wide distributed public computer systems.

Contribute to the largest distributed computing project

Contribute to the most important discovery in human history.

MORE ...

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