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Q: Why Are People Running SETI@Home And Searching For Extraterrestrials ?

A: Here Are Thousands Of Answers...

Part 1 of 7

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"... to seek out new life...".

"...To Seek Out New Life And New Civilivation...".

"Because, we just do not know....".

"Find ET" and productivity are both main reasons for running Seti.

"It's a long shot - but it just might work !".

UFOs and Aliens

"Its just worthwhile, if we dont find E.T then at least its created a nice communial atmosphere in the teams....we some of em ;)"

"One small step for Man. One giant leap for Mankind."

"Science is like sex: sometimes something useful comes out, but that is not the reason we are doing it" -- Richard Feynman.


"That's a very good question.--- I am not sure why."

"The Earth is too small and fragile a basket for Humankind to keep all its' eggs in".

"The Truth - Is IN HERE" ;o)

"The truth is out there."

"Understanding is Happiness".

"for Carl".

"look ma, my computer's hunting for aliens!"

#1 & To prove religion is just a myth.

#1 and #4 both.

#1 and I believe strongly in the project.

#1 and to be a part of the biggest collaborative project ever undertaken by mankind.

#1 of course, plus I am very interested in (co-operative) distributed processing.

#1, 3, 4, but how do we make sure ET has not already contacted us first, but contactees keep it hidden?

#1, but also a learning experience.

$4000 Laptop, this machines gonna work.

'Cause it's a VERY good idea .. thats it :-)

'Cause, I jus' wanna know!

'Cos I'm a sad Skiffy Fan :-)

'Fund' SETI with free computer time.

'Interesting' Distributed Computer experiment :)

'Proving' there are no ET.

'cause I have been kidnapped by ufo ;)

'cause I merely curious about we can reveal them or not -supposed in spite of they don't want us to do so.

'cause it's cool.

'cos try as I might I don't seem to be able to phone home!

'cuz I'm too lazy to actually DO something with this computer of mine... ; )

(1) I can't get a date on this planet. Might as well try to find another one. (2) Free screen saver.

(1) If I help find aliens, the world may help me find my lost cat. (2) It would be interesting to introduce a new sexual position or three if alien females were discovered.

(1) It gives me a reason to have my computer on. (2) It's neat participating in a distributed processing design. (3) I get to show off my computer to myself watching it crunch numbers :) (4) To prove the Internet is a powerful source of knowledge and can be highly productive. (5) To help out a really cool science project! (6) Oh yeah, to possibly find ET.

(a) I'm running 10 processes at once on my single-cpu 'puter so it'll go 10 times faster; (b) This was my idea and I want all the credit!; (c) Finding ET is our density.


*smile*..if I AM....he,he...THEY ARE.


------------------ ------------WHY NOT?-------------- ---------- --------------------


...................... ..................I Believe... The Truth Is Out There!.........

......maybe i will find maybe an alien girlfriend! serve man, and at the same time, make us a bit knowledgeable.

...can't hurt.

...the desire to know. find a race of beings who have it a little more together than we do!!! see if the truth really is out there...

...why not? help to solve a question that drives all of us.

00010110100 010101101 00101110 10100 00101011 0101010101 01010101010100 010110101001 010001110010101 (Wouldn't hurt to know if there are hostile aliens out there plotting against earth. Let's hope they're friendly!)


1 & 3.

1 & 4, Find ET for good of all and get my name in top 100. :-)

1 and 3.

1 and 3 above.

1 and 3, and because I believe there is something else out there somewhere.

1 and 3, but mostly because I blieve it is our "duty" to find other life forms - intelligent/sentient (or not).

1 without the "good of humanity" part... because we wont know whether it wil be good, but we can all hope.


1) Because the SETI is one of the greatest science programs running and I like to participate in this great search and, of course, for humanity.

1) Support a worth while cause 2) Participate in the largest parallel processing effort.

1)Because I am Interested. 2)Run 24/7 to Eval. WIN 2K

1)To demonstrate the viability of Internet-based parallel-processing for scientific research for a variety of reasons, 2) All of the other choices


1, 2 & because this is what the internet is all about. We're proving it's not just there for spam, viruses and as a means for porn merchants to make extra cash.

1, 2, 4.

1, 2, and 3

1, 2, and 3 (My computer has the time, why not?)


1,3, and curiosity


1- for more search engines 2- for more famouse nude pics 3- for more information 4- much strong relations with all the world


1-to help 2-to see teraflops-equivalent in action

1. It's a fun thing to do, and it's the only useful application I've run into for harnessing idle cpu time.

1. i believe in ALIENS !!! ( look up Hesekiel in the bible!) 2. the corruptions,crimes,wars,aggressions of humans make me sick... i believe aliens are the only one to lead the humanity to a new peacefull prospering era....or qick death ( if they are hostile )......the corruptions,crimes,wars,aggressions of humans make me sick.

1.I believe that it is impossible or virtually impossible for us to be the only sentient species in the universe. 2. I think religon is a load of crap. 3. It makes my life feel purposeful. 4. It's freaking cool!!!!

1: As with Linux OS, Sete@home is internet as it´s best. 2: "If you don´t search you will never get any answer!"

1st & 3rd answer

2 & 3

24h/24h hardware tests

3 and 1, in that order. (odds are against any one pc being the first...)


42 - or because clustering is fun

42's the answer, but what's the question?


700 years of CPU a day! & The best benchmark between CPUs, OS, Platforms (Long Live Linux)

<-- 42 -->

To help broaden the collective knowledge base of all

>>>>>>> "...TO SEEK OUT NEW LIFE & NEW CIVILIZATIONS..." <<<<<<<

A GReat Benchmark to compare MPs & maybe find something...

A Passing Scientific Interest

A bit of all the above

A bit of find ET for the good of humanity, as well as participate in the world's greatest distributed application process. I am an Internet Database developer for a living, and have followed this project for some time and just love it.....

A chance to contribute to pure science from which many great discoveries have been made.

A chance to help in scientific research

A combination of (a) and (c)

A combination of 1 and 3

A combination of a and d

A combination of keeping my computers productive, finding ET for the good of humanity and proving life thrives outthere (the two latter has highest priority)

A curiosity about our universe and I have tons of free cpu cycles to donate =)

A fan of PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)

A few years ago some extraterrestrial sent me a bad checque. With SETI I hope to find the bastard!

A fine example of distributive computing and find ET.

A firm belief that we can't possibly be the only ones in such a vast universe

A friend asked me to join his team.

A fun and educational project with unknown but possibly useful results.

A good cause... the thrill...why not?

A good example of distributed computing

A great opportunity to participate in a fascinating project.

A group member conviced me

A little bit of choice 1 and 4

A little bit of curiosity, boredom, and interest

A long standing interest in anythin concerning space/aliens.

A lot of compters are nonproductive

A marvelous Curiosity

A million + people working together...we gotta find SOMETHING!

A need to know

A need to know!

A needed answer to our knowledge and development as a race

A never ending drive to find that which resides outside of the realm of "Normalcy"!

A new way of doing science, using Internet connected computers ... Being able to contribute to science, even with very modest technology ...

A nice way to let my computer do something usefull during the inproductive hours

A scientific project gives my computing resources a little more meaning than a lot of other uses.

A small contribution to help search a level that would otherwise not be visible today.

A small contribution to humanity

A small contribution to science !

A small contribution to science.

A strange interest that I don't understand myself.

A way an average person can participate in something very important.

A way around the mind/body conundrum - ET is part of TOE

A way for me to personally participate in space exploration

A way to participate in an experiment with exciting possibilitys.

A worthwhile cause, that the entire planet can participate in. My idea of the future of Mankind, similar to how LINUX was developed, individuals working toward the common good.

A worthwhile quest for us humans



ALL OF THE ABOVE! + Gives my michine something to do. Thanks ART BELL


ALL governments should support. ET need not be humanlike whatsoever.

ALL of the Above

ALL scientific research is valuable in its own right - it doesn't have to lead to a specific result, doesn't have to make money, and doesn't need to make me famous.


ANY research is valuable; THis one primarily for us to KNOW.

Able to contribute to a worthy scientific endeavor.

Above reasons sound flippant. Are you serious or not?

Absolute curiosity

Academic interest; intrigue

Accelerate pace of species destruction

Act in a cooperative nature with 1 million other people to reach a single goal.

Act of Faith (You've got to do one in your life, don't you?)

Add further evidence that ETI is a chimera

Add my grain of sand to a nice scientific project.

Add some excitement to life and all of the above.

Add to a more effective SETI program

Admiration for a brilliant concept

Advance Scientific Research

Advance scientific knowledge

Advance the pursuit of a scientific method

Advancement of Science & for the good of humanity

Advancement of knowledge

Advancement of science in my own small way

Advancement of the Human knowledge base

After Seeing Contact the Movie, Started Going to so walla i ended up here. and want to help what the US goverment sees as a waste of money.

After they abducted me, they told me "don't call us, we'll call you." I've been waiting for five years. Maybe they forgot about me. I don't think they even have my number. They sounded pretty important, so I figure I'll settle for SETI@home until they send me a personal message.

Aid in establishing that the human race is not alone in the universe

Aid in scientific research

Aid in the advancement of knowledge and awareness

Aid in the preliminary stages of space exploration

Aid people who works to show people that there are inteligent life out of earth. We are not alone.

Aid scientific research

Aider un projet de recherche insolite !

Alert humanity to concerns beyond our religions and lives.

Alien Sex

Aliens Turn me ON, mmmmm.

Aliens pinched my car after I'd been on a weekend long booze up. I want it back.


All Of The Above

All above as well as just pure curiosity

All above of course

All alternatives, except the 3rd

All and more

All avenues of science should be supported where possible

All of above

All of above &to build & test Network of 3 computers to come on line later

All of above :)

All of above in no particular order

All of the Above

All of the Reasons Above

All of the above


All of the above (except the famous part), plus because it's just a very cool project!

All of the above + to be part of such a masive search

All of the above :)

All of the above :) Naw it just interests me.

All of the above ;) Distributed computing is cool!

All of the above ;-)

All of the above AND to be part of a really cool project...

All of the above and I get warm fuzzies in helping out. Watching religions crumble would be good as well. The christians are so arrogant to believe that we are alone...

All of the above and to prove the ignorance of religion

All of the above except "Keep my computer productive"

All of the above except the top 100 :)

All of the above in more or less equal proportion.

All of the above plus the experience of learning more about the terminology and data analysis

All of the above!

All of the above! ;^)

All of the above! :-)

All of the above!!! {8-)

All of the above!!!!

All of the above, and FUN!

All of the above, and its COOL. Just want to help out!!!

All of the above, and to be part of the largest computer ever created.

All of the above, and to help contact the alien race that left me here to study Earthlings.

All of the above, but your html radio buttons disallow this answer.

All of the above, except that I don't think we will find ET this time.

All of the above, in the order they are listed.

All of the above, plus

All of the above.

All of the above. :)

All of the above. And to prove that you can not find just if you are not searching

All of the above. Enjoy seeing progress in my rank.

All of the above. And for fun :)

All of the above....

All of the above:)

All of the above; but the life which exists unfortunately is not likely to exist at the same time as our civilisation

All of the listed options for this question.

All of the options!

All of the other reasons that people have listed!

All of them

All of them!

All research is benificial, whether we find a signal or not the project will be benificial.

All science is a search for possibilities.

All that complicated looking data crawling across the screen really impresses my girlfriends.

All the above

All the above and more....

All the above!!

All user friendly programs are wimps :-) computers were created to run fourier transforms all day long

Also it's a good general coverage CPU/system tester.

Also to keep my computer productive

Alternate uses of frequency shift analysis

Although I believe that intelligent life does not exist off earth, there will be fallout research results.

Although I don't believe there is intelligent life beyond earth, the possibility should be explored

Although I doubt alien life, I think it an experiment worth doing.

Although improbable, you can never be too sure, cant hurt to look

Although it is Scientists need all the help they can get.

Although the probability is minute at most, I nevertheless feel that if the US government (and any other for that matter) can fund it they should. In my opinion they would better spend their money on this project as opposed to spending it on many other questionable aspects. I am not a US citizen. I am south african but will say the same for my government. PS I wouldn't mind being famous however........

Always been curious if what's hiding out there. Now I can actually do something to help!

Always been interested in finding out if there's other life in this vast ocean that we have a speck of home in.

Always believed in ET so doing my bit to help find

Always found SETI fascinating and thought it would be fun to be a part of the process.

Always good to give your idle computer power to science. They can use it very much. People should do this also for medical research etc. (if it's possible) I think this is a very good futuristic method the help science

Always interested in Astronomy projects.

Always look to the future

Always wanted to be a scientist, this is my way to help.

Always wanted to be part of something like this.

Amateur Radio at its best

Amatuer Astronomer

An interesting distributed computing experiment

An Interesting and worthwhile project

An Interesting concept

An articulate answer would be to understand our place in the cosmos; if were the winner of a cosmic lottery.

An big waste if we are the only ones, would like to help find them

An easy way to do a little real science

An existential question - "Is there anybody out there?" :)

An interest in astronomy

An interest in distributed computing ( and finding ET! )

An interest to participate in a scientific adventure

An interesting & informative way to present scientific data to my children (perhaps exposing them to a new area of exploration & study)

An interesting experiment in non-deterministic distributed computing

An interesting experiment which may provide some data for future examination.

An interesting parallel computing project

An interesting puzzle

An interesting way of not wasting CPU power

An opportunity to be a part of space research.

An opportunity to participate in good science, an interesting hypothesis, and a unique collaborative effort. Science doesn't get much more "grass roots" than this. Perhaps we are looking at a model for future efforts that can utilize untapped processing p

And be number one at our company...*smile*

And simply to aid scientists in a worthwhile endeavor.

Answer my own question, to be sure

Answer my question:If there is life outside earth

Answer the first question

Answer the old question: Are we alone?

Answer the question "Is life exists outside the Earth?"

Answer the question once and for all. Is there life out there.

Answer the questions that plague the world.

Answer the ultimate question: "Are we alone?"

Answering the call of Seti@home

Answers #1 and 2 - Also to be part in a scientific project with another 1,000,000 people around the world.

Answers 1 & 3, also it gives those who are not scientists a chance to paricipate in good hard reasearch.

Answers 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Answers 1,3 and 4 plus be a part of the worlds largest supercomputer.

Answers 3 and 4. It is also the only screen saver that I can stand to watch for more than 3 minutes.

Answers one of life's great questions: Are we alone?

Any great discovery is usually in the search for something else.

Any intelligent life is interesting and should be contacted

Appalled at cut in funding - books like Tipler's `The Cosmic Anthropological Principal' provide an excuse for not doing the experiment in the first place, and the history of science shows we are poor at predicting entirely new science

Are we really alone? Curiuosity is a wonderful/terrible thing. Meeting ET would be interesting

Art Bell told me it was a good idea and I should do it! I also don't have a girlfriend.

Art Bell told me to. He is my hero, I listen and Obey.

Art Project

As I beleive that all governments should contribute to this projects and this is an unlikly scenario then we al lshould help out in anyway possible.

As I told in my last participation and with all my recognition to Carl Sagan´s work, I think human being is not allone in Cosmos, and all of us that could developed any experience in some scientific field, Neurosurgery in my case (because I think is one of the most complete disciplines in Neuroscience), have the responsibility of stay awake in case of stablishment contact with other intelligence lifekind. Because, as a medical scientists and even more Neuroscientist, we learn a lot of new neural physiologic and organic responses in labs and with our patients seeing their clinical evolution, but sometimes we couldn't make more for them with pathologies like Cancer ó Vascular Malformations between others that are fatal at present time. So, if we stablish contact with that kind of intelligence and they have more advanced technology than us or even in the remote case that we have better (?) technology than them, no matter what, we need to be ready to share anything with open mind. Of course, it's very important that never permit or even think to destroy anything related with this project, no matter if it could appear false or unbeliveable to others, specially people that know nothing of any science field. Escuses about my English. Sincerely, EDUARDO VAZQUEZ CELIS, MD.

As a HAM opperator I would like to connect a new station

As a biologist I want to contribute to a very important scientific investigation for mankind

As a contribute to the success of a distributed computing research project.

As a kid, I always wanted to be involved in SETI. This is my chance.

As a message to Congress that Space exploration IS important.

As a personal need.It's a purpose of life finding extratteristrial intelligence

As a scientist I like the idea of helping in another scientific project

As a scientist, I don't believe that with all the stars and planets we can possibly be alone in the universe

As a statement against the apathy of all the lazy sods who just can't be bothered!

As an alien, I'm amused by this project you earthlings are engaged in...

As big as the universe is there has to be something out there

As long as it's out there, let the right mindset, being non military, find it.

As the world grows smaller, our endevours should not

Aside from doing it for the good of humanity, to contribute to a cause that I feel is crutial for our civilization of the human race. There is life out there and we will find it one day, "otherwise it would be an aweful waste of space."

Asked by Friend

Assist SETI research personnel.

Assist UC Berkeley to promote funding & interest

Assist a good org with something they believe in

Assist in a scientific endeavor

Assist in a valid research project

Assist in a worthwhile project because world governments will not

Assist in a worthwhile project that I can actually be of assistance on and know it's of use to the scientific community

Assist in a worthwhile project.

Assist in a worthwhile task

Assist in a worthy experiment

Assist in discovery of signals regardless if the outcome is positive or negative.

Assist in non-commercial distributed computation

Assist in prooving there are no intelligent life forms outside Earth.

Assist in scientific research

Assist in the ongoing research into the possibility of E.T Existance

Assist in the research. I am a PhD., and am interested.

Assist in the search for E.T. as best I can.

Assist in whatever way I can.

Assist in worthwhile research.

Assist scientific research

Assist the SETI group in processing as much info as possible

Assist with science and research

Astronomy is my hobby, want to be part in the search for SETI

At first for the first option....but as I get older I think to warn ET that there is a dangerous (human) predator in the universe

At first it was to become famous as the one to discover ET, then I realized just how remote a possibility that really is. Now I couldn't care less about ET, I'm just excited to be part of this huge distributed computing project. History in the making!

At first, I was facinated with the potential of distributed computing on a large scale such as this... also, as a CPU horsepower competition, but now it has become a daily ritual to check on my two PCs and see how much work they have done while they would otherwise be idle. Sure, if we find another civilization that would be AWESOME, but because of the enormity of the Universe (and time), I don't have my hopes up!

At this time,We dont now if the ET is a isolated univeral phenomenon or is as usual like starts there are in the sky. and this is an uportunity to put clear this important point

Attempt to answer the question of ET life

Attempt to find other life in the universe

Aus Neugier

B/C it's cool, and just maybe...

B/c its cool as a screen saver and also for the chance or finding something

BE A PART OF a scientific search which we usually only read about, see on Discovery Channel or sci fi movies. We civilians like to get involved too! It also seems like a "modern" (not fad) thing to do, the time is right.





BEcause I want to find my family... you see, the nutty Earth people are holding me hostage here. please help me, I want to go home!

BIB-because I believe

BIG competition at work

Basically options 1st (even if are'nt ET but other discoveries) & 3rd (almost a joke). I would like other scientific projects to start collaborations like this one, imagine a distributed workforce of million computers...

Be a part of a cooperative effort for the good of humanity

Be a part of a global effort

Be a part of a unique scientific experiment with a group of friends!

Be a part of a worthwhile global computing effort.

Be a part of a worthwile group

Be a part of an interesting project

Be a part of evolution of living thing.

Be a part of history

Be a part of it. No other joint effort like it. It is what man was intended work together.

Be a part of space exploration

Be a part of the revolutionary new uses for computers. I am marveled by the distributed work aspect, and except the medical community to start doing research this way. Not to mention weather predictions

Be a part of the worlds largest computer system

Be able to participate in Space Exploration to some degree.

Be at the turning point of the entire history of the human race - and the other race as well!

Be dangerous and unpredictable, and make alot of noise....

Be involved in a collective research project for the expansion of human knowledge

Be involved in astronomical research - even a null result is a valid result

Be involved in the 'Internet supercomputer' experiment

Be part of a big (human) experiment/experience

Be part of a good effort.

Be part of a great experiment...

Be part of a great project and have fun

Be part of a research project

Be part of a scientific project with a worthwhile cause

Be part of a team working for something "bigger"

Be part of an amazingly interesting project.

Be part of huge supercomputer project, which this is

Be part of one of the greatest discoveries of recorded time.

Be part of real science. History Books. Say I was there, so to speak.

Be part of science and a big, worldwide computer experiment

Be part of scientific history

Be part of something different.

Be part of something larger than my day-in-day-out life.

Be part of the team, share the experience.

Be part of the worlds largest distributed computing network.

Be part of this project, which is truly awesome

Be partner of a great and large project

Be productive and help discern if ET is "out there."

Be productive for the sake of research

Be really cool if my CPU was the one that found ET

Be the top in my group

Beacuse a good friend wants me 2

Beam me up. NOW!

Beat my friend at work

Beats any screen saver

Beautiful appearance of screen saver.

Beautifully conceived project making good use of distributed computing, and a good cause

Became interested in your program when i saw your site and wanted to help.

Becaus Space is final fronteer!

Because "Is there intelligent life on other planets?" is a perfectly valid scientific question.

Because "The truth is out there" and "i want to believe".

Because 'The truth is out there...'

Because Bob told me to... and I'm obedient. LOL

Because Carl Sagan's "Contact" affected me deeply and I truly believe we are not alone in the universe.

Because ET may be there, we should look and listen

Because God created worlds without end, and a good use of silicon and electrons.

Because I Believe !!!

Because I am human

Because I am interested curious about the things we may find in outer space and this a way in which I can make a small contribution to all the many questions there are about this subject.

MORE ...

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